Street photography

Every now and then I start thinking about my personal photography. And occasionally I realize that the shots I am taking do not make me happy.

Just recently my wife and I had a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean Sea. We visited no less than eleven islands in fourteen days. It was an awesome trip. Seeing so many different people and cultures was nothing short of amazing. I loved it and think about this holiday quite often. And then I go back to my Lightroom catalogue and realize that I have not got one real stunner. You know that one photograph from a fourteen day vacation that blows you away. This has not happened to me in a long time.

It got me thinking.

Was it the gear? Not really as over the years I have realized that the gear is not all that important. Was it the lack of time? I don´t think so. I have taken other shots, better ones in far less time. I think it was for one reason. I am tiered of the type of pictures I have been taking.

After some weeks of thinking I have started a new personal project which is not really new to me but one that I want to dig in deeper.

Street photography!

Many people have tried this and many Street shooters take some outstanding photographs. On some trips I have had my share of street photography as you will see.

As this is a brand new project I also decided to start a brand new Flickr account to share my work. It will not only be blunt street photography but more a type of street style. I will not go up to people and flash the face as say Bruce Gilden does. What I want to try is to document what happens. Let´s see if I will do a good job.

If you wish to see my first attempts which I have taken over some years you are welcome to visit my new Flickr account.

Daniel Stocker Photography on Flickr



Which way

Sitting and waiting

Local market

The falg


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