One crazy roadtrip

It all started as a bit of a joke between my wife and me. We were driving along in our car on a mediocre road with loads of bumps and holes. Not being able to go around one hole, I had no other chance as to drive through it. BAMM. “Uh, oh that was a hard hit on the suspension” I commented following with the words: “Interesting, the seats are pretty good. I did not feel any hard hit on my spine. I am pretty sure one could take a longer journey in our car!” “ Yeah” my wife commented. “Like a trip to the North Cape in Norway for instance”. Yeah right, driving 3300 km one-way to the North Cape. You must be joking. Haha.

Two weeks later my wife and I had a nice Sunday evening dinner with maybe a glass to much wine. Just out of curiosity, I asked if she meant that seriously with the drive to the North Cape. Well no she didn´t. “I´ve checked the route and some of the hotels along the route already” was the answer I got. Ah ok, (and this is where the wine kicks in) then off to the North Cape in our car.

Yep, I am talking of this car. A small Smart Fortwo from 2003 with no more than 61Hp. You might think to yourselves, reading this, well where did they put the luggage? Honestly, the luggage compartment in a smart is not as small as you might think. As this is a camera related blog, I need not say that I managed to take my small camera bag with my Fujifilm X-T2, the XF 18-55 2.8-4 and the XF35mmF2 with me as well. I just had to document this crazy road trip with style.

After some talk, we finalized the route.

It went from our hometown up to Eisenach to visit the Wartburg. Historically a very important castle for Germany as this is where Luther was hiding after he had translated the bible from Latin into German, meaning that people could now read the bible themselves. Of course, they had to be able to read in the first place. What happed was that groups of people gathered where one guy w ould read aloud to them. Moreover, it was no priest from the church .

Let´s get down to the route then. First stop, as you have read already was Eisenach. After that, it went to Kiel right up north. On the same day, we got the car ferry that took us overnight to Gothenburg/Sweden. Oh and because the trip in a small Smart is not crazy enough we made it even crazier. We packed a Dino costume as well.

The next morning we drove from Gothenburg to Stockholm for the next stop. From Stockholm, we drove on to Sundsvall, a small town in Sweden. From Sundsvall, our small car took us to Arvidsjaur. People reading car test blogs might know this place. The next day we drove from Arvidsjaur up to Nattavaara still in Sweden. It was time to leave Sweden. Next stop, Enontekiö/Finland. This was just a small detour as the other stop we had decided on was in Norway. And Norway is very, very expensive. After the night in Enontekiö, we drove on to our final destination. Party time, get out the Champagne. We arrived at the North Cape and yes, we were overwhelmed by the feelings. Driving more than 3000 km through Germany, Sweden, Finland and Norway in a small Smart Fortwo, not knowing if the car would make it was a great feeling. Of course, this was not the end of the crazy road trip. What goes up must come down. In our case, what drives to the North Cape has to drive back home again. After one night in Honningsvåg, our small Smart took us back to Finland. We had a hotel in the town of Levi. Actually one of Finland´s most known ski resorts. Not much happening there in mid-May though. Luckily, enough we only stayed on night and the next day drove on to another one of our highlights. Rovaniemi. If you ever want to visit Santa Claus in person, this is the place to go. Rovaniemi is right on the Polar circle, as you can see on this next picture. The actual city for the next night was Oulu. From Oulu, it went on to Tampere, an industrial town. Then the following stops after getting the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn where from Tallinn to Riga and then on passing by Kaunas in Lithuania to Warsaw – Poland. From Warsaw, it went on to Berlin. This was quite good as we were able to stay at my wife´s uncle and aunty. The last ride was from Berlin back to our hometown near Stuttgart, which is about 650km.

At the end of this pretty crazy road trip in a Smart Fortwo, we had driven exactly 7068km with no problems, well except for two, but I will get to that when I write in more detail about the single stops. We also did not have any back trouble, headaches or any kind of problems driving in such a small car.

As this blogpost would get rather lengthy if I would right about every single stop I´ll rather handle it as I usually do and split it into maybe two or even three shorter posts with more pictures. As you can imagine, after so many kilometres and so many destinations one does have more than only two or three photographs to share.

Please drop a lone in the comments below if you would love to read more about the single destinations a little more and of course if you wish to see more pictures taken with the Fujifilm X-T2, the XF18-55 and the XF 35mmf2 lens as well.

So feel free to come back to read the more in depth parts

Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to read my words and do make sure to follow me on to see some of the pictures I took on this crazy trip.



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  1. Great read and I’d love to read more about the single destinations :).

  2. Thanks my dear friend. I’ll start with the single parts ASAP.

  3. Nice post 🙂 Next time add a few more stops in Norway to look at places like Trolltunga, the fjords, places like Træna or Lofoten. Incredible places, but I’m not objetive – I know ;-). Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Thomas,

      Thanks so much for the very kind words.
      Interesting you mention all those beautiful places. We actually did think of going down that route and only decided agains it as it would have taken too long. We only had limited time.

      Next time, for sure, we will drive down that route and enjoy the wonderful Norwegian landscapes.

      Thanks once again and have a great start to the new week.

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