One Crazy Roadtrip Part II

The other day I gave you a first insight on our absolute super crazy roadtrip in a 16 year old Smart Fortwo from the south of Germany near Stuttgart, right up to the North Cape in Norway. If you haven’t read that hop over and check it here. I also wrote that I would break it up into more parts as the post would get rather lengthy due to the long trip and of course as the trip lastet a full 17 days.

And now, with now further delay let´s delve right into it.

We started our tour in our ready prepared and packed Smart Fortwo in our hometown which is near Stuttgart/Germany at around eight in the morning. The first stop would be Eisenach. Reason being was that the route right up to Kiel was just to long for one day. It was a vacation and no road race. I spoke about Eisenach already so let’s fast forward to Kiel.

In Kiel we got the Stena Line ferry which took us to our first stop in Sweden – Gothenburg. Unfortunately we only saw the harbour.

The ferry
Excited Dino

The real first stop over was Stockholm where we had a really nice hotel. We arrived in Stockholm early in the afternoon, checked in and headed straight to the city for some Dino fun.

Crazy Dino in Stockholm

In the evening it was time for some real Swedish food. Well not really. We found an Indian restaurant not far from our hotel, took a short walk and enjoyed the evening.
The next morning we packed up the Smart and drove on. Next stop after Stockholm was the small town of Sundsvall. An industrial town in the heart of Sweden. It was Sunday and we got caught. Most of the restaurants are closed on Sunday. We did however find a Burger Bar. Good enough. Not much to say about Sundsvall except that we stayed on a ship which was our hotel. The view in the morning though was great. The water was so calm. But take a look for yourselves.

Off we went again. Arvidsjaur her we come. Finally it was time for some of the magnificent Swedish landscapes. So amazing.

We arrived in Arvidsjaur early on the Monday afternoon and decided to take a look at the town. It started to poor down with rain. The manholes where getting lifted just by the amount of water pushing from beneath.
After some shopping it was time to rush to the car and OOHHHH NOOOOO. What´s that? I pressed the key to unlock the car and all that happened was that the indicators flashed rapidly. The car would not unlock. Shi. Ok, Ok, calm down. We have got the spare key with us. We will use that and take care of the problem later on.

After that short shock moment we took a short drive to a shop called Arctic Glas. If ever you are up there go and visit it. You’ll find something for sure.

After the evening meal and after the rain had stopped the sun broke through the clouds and I was presented with the most magnificent light I had seen in a long time. I just had to go outside to the lake in Arvidsjaur and capture the moment.

How could this be topped? The absolute magnificent evening photoshoot. Well it could. Not with the best pictures, but with another life long memory. The route took us past Jokkmok and across the Polar Circle to a place called Solberget.

The drive to Solberget was, well, a challenge. The last 45 minutes took us across a gravel road with dips. It´s a wonder our Smart survived but at the end it filled us with confidence in the small car. Great job little Smart.

We had booked a hike with two reindeer lasting about three hours. What an experience. We started off and around about five minutes later we had two wild reindeer follow us to the fire fighter tower in the woods. After some cookies and a view from the tower we headed back to the sight, the wild reindeer still following us. In the evening it was time for some home made food. A bit macabre maybe as we had reindeer stew with mash and gravy.
The best was still to come. An evening in the sauna. And not your typical sauna but one that is in reminiscence of the old times. Fired up with wood, smelling of wood and nice and hot. This place, I cannot describe it in words. No electricity, no tap water, not even a proper toilet. And yet it was the best day and night I had experienced in a very, very long time. Calming down, enjoying the view out of the „room“ which used to be an old builders caravan type of thing. I’ll let the pictures speak.

Unfortunately we had to drive on the next day. Remember? We have a mission to accomplish. Drive a 16 year old Smart Fortwo up to the North Cape. Well, and back again of course.

We packed up again and drove on. Leaving Sweden and stopping in Finland´s city called Enontekiö. Not much to say about this place so I will skip this.

The next day should be the big one. After a good nights sleep we left pretty early on the last stage to our big goal. North Cape her we come.

We left Enontekiö at around 7:30 am. After all, we had a 450km drive up to the North Cape and the maximum speed which is allowed on Norwegian roads is 80 km/h. It was going to be around about 7 hours to drive, if not more. The landscape surrounding us was getting more and more surreal. Never have I seen anything like this before. Plane amazing. Just look at the pictures. It is difficult to put in words.

Time was on our side as we hit the very last step the pass up to the North Cape. My wife and I had an amazing feeling. Happy, unreal, astonished and yes proud. Proud of us managing the challenge to drive all those kilometres in a small Smart and not chewing of our heads. We did not even quarrel once. Different opinions on one or two occasions, but that was all. It actually brought us even closer together.
On the very last kilometre we had this type of high feeling. North Cape… We did it, we really did it. Those where the words we kept repeating. So unreal.

There was only one more thing to do. Buy the ticket, park the car and walk up to the „World“.

Of course we are a little crazy as well.

I will leave you with this last short video.

Thanks so much for taking your time to read all these words, looking at the images I took on this crazy trip.



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