First to Cuba then to Mexico with the X100f the second and last part

You might have read the first story to our trip to Mexico. If not you can catch up on this via this link.

And feel free to read part I and part II of the trip to Cuba as well.

Just for you to get an idea of the whole travel I´ll sum it up a little. My wife and I took a round trip through Cuba visiting the cities of Havana, Viñales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and some other smaller places. After one week in Cuba we flew over to Mexico and visited Chichen Itza, Izamal, Valladolid, Merida and Tulum.

The first part of the blog post in Mexico covered Chichen Itza, Izamal and Merida. This second and last part will cover the places of Valladolid some street shots taken on a local market and Tulum.

Let´s get started then. As we left the Mayan heritage of Uxmal we headed on towards Valladolid. This is an old colonial city in the heart of Yucatan. It is smaller than Merida but has a very similar layout and architecture.

X00F low bokeh

Streets of Valladolid

I just loved the color and light on this one

I did not take any real good shots of this place as it is so similar to Merida. What we did visit is a local market.

Need some veggies?

Packing the bag

Look at me


The next day was just a drive from Valladolid to Tulum and as we had some time to spare and visited Coba first and then on a boat to see some flamingos.

Coba is another Maya ruin but much nicer than Chichen Itza. It is so spread out that we rented some bicycles to cover the distances.

A small pyramid

Light and shadow

That was done in the morning hours before it got too hot. In the afternoon we got on a small motor boat to see some near enough 70.000 flamingos. That was the one and only time during the two week lasting travel where I had wished for a X-T2 with something like a 100-400mm lens as the X100F just did not get the job done. But I knew that right from the beginning of the trip. Did it bother me? Not really. I did not get the flamingo shot, so what. I therefore had an amazingly liberating trip with nothing but the X100F.

He got the right gear

The closes I could get, but it´s no flamingo 🙂

After this great trip to Coba and the flamingos it was time for some dinner. And this was something special. Not expensive. No candle light super exclusive restaurant. No, quite the opposite! It was a small restaurant at the beach with plastic chairs, a plastic table but with the most incredible fish dish you could imagine. Fresh fried with the best guacamole I had ever tasted. Sorry wife I love your guacamole but this was not from this earth. Eating that dinner at the beach while the sun was setting was the perfect finish to the day.

My beautiful wife

Footprint in the sand

The tourist shot


The next morning, still talking about the last evening and the amazing dinner at the beach we drove towards Tulum. Probably one of the most visited places in Mexico. We arrived in the city of Tulum sometime in the afternoon and checked into the hotel. As it was such a nice late afternoon we decided to rent some bicycles to take a ride to the beach. That is just what we did. About 45 minutes later we arrived there. Once again it was time for some food and once again we decided on a restaurant at the beach to enjoy the food and another magnificent sunset. This time we opted for a little more expensive restaurant. After all it was the last evening of the round trip before heading towards Playa del Carmen for some three days of relaxing. Well not quite as we went to visit the ruins of Tulum early the next morning.

The bikes we rented

The last sunset on the round trip

If ever you decide to visit Tulum be sure to go as early as you can. We arrived just before opening hours and it was well worth it. Tulum was near enough empty and I managed to get some shots with hardly any people at all. Just an hour later the place was filling up and even though it is a large area you are never alone.

Go early enjoy the peace, get your great shots and leave again. That is what my wife and I did and we did not regret it.

Tulum No. 1

Tulum No. 2

Tulum beach

Not sunset, but sunrise

Early morning sun

Once again

The Tulum shot


Iguana No. 2

Iguana No. 1

Iguana No. 3

Iguana No. 4

Iguana No. 5

The flower shot

Oh no, another flower shot

I just love my X100F

Stockografie gone crazy, another flower shot

Personally I am pleased with the photographs I took in Cuba and Mexico during the two week lasting vacation. As I stated I only really missed a different focal length once and not even for a long time. Sort of 30 seconds and after that I said to myself that I just am not getting the flamingos. All the other time and I mean this in all honesty I never ever missed any other camera, any other focal length than what I had with me.

The Fujifilm X100F performed flawlessly and better than I could have imagined. Even now, writing this blog post after quite some time I still don´t have any other camera than the X100F. I am not even looking at anything else and people that have been following this blog know that I am actually a pretty heavy gear head. It seems that for the time being I have got over my GAS.

All the photographs on this post have been developed using Fujifilm´s X RAW STUDIO software. Thank you Fujifilm for giving us this.

Did you enjoy the four blog post lasting vacation review? If so please leave a comment and make sure to come back in the near future.



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  1. Korinth Matthias

    Der Bericht ist richtig gut geworden. Die Bilder sind wirklich super. Das Licht. Der Dynamikumfang der „F“ sind beeindruckend!!! Sehr schön zu lesen dein Bericht! Und ich kann das mittlerweile nachvollziehen. Say no to GAS 😉

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