First to Cuba then to Mexico with nothing but the X100f

A few days ago I shared my shots and thoughts on a travel to Cuba with nothing but the X100F. It does not stop there.

If you did not get the chance to read part I and part II of the trip to Cuba you can do so by clicking the link in this line.

After a week on a round trip through Cuba we headed over to Mexico’s Peninsula Yucatan. It was time for some culture and loads of Maya temples and pyramids. We arrived at Cancun Airport at around 1pm and got picked up by our travel agent Eva after some waiting time. The airport has been modified to quite an extent and therefor all the travel agents had been waiting at the wrong terminal. It took some time for Eva to find us but in the end she did and we headed off to our first destination.

This again was a round trip with stops at Chichen Itza, Izamal, Merida, Valladolid and Tulum right at the end.

First stop was Chichen Itza, well near that as we did not visit until the next morning. Actually the first stop was the small hotel which was near a cenote. As we had never swum in one that is just what we did. Pretty cold water but a great experience!

The next morning started early as we wanted to start the tour at Chichen Itza as they opened the gates. We did and it was nice and quiet. At least for the first hour it was. After that the other visitors started to poor into the place and it was hard to get some shots without people on it, or at least very few.

What I did not like at all where all souvenir stands inside the area. There are 900, yes NINE HUNDRED, souvenir sellers on the ground of Chichen Itza. Far too many!!!

None the less it was interesting as a starting point to learn more about the Maya culture.

The Pyramid

Details of Chichen Itza

View of the Pyramid

Stone steles

Pyramid inside the glass ball

1 of 900

At around 11am we decided it had been enough of the place full of people and souvenir stands and drove on. The small VW T4 bus drove us safely to the next stop. Izamal, the yellow city greeted us with sunshine and hot temperatures. None the less we climbed up what is left of a pyramid and enjoyed a view over Izamal.

Back down again it was time for some lunch in a typical Mayan restaurant called Kinich El Sabor de Izamal. I decided to eat something called Pollo de Negro which is literally nothing else but black chicken. And it was delicious. Yes black is beautiful. It is all cooked on open fire just like hundreds of years ago. You can taste the love that goes into the food. If ever you go to Izamal, go to that restaurant.

The mexican bug

The way up

View over Izamal

Stone staircase

Colorful bicycle

Yellow city streets

Making tortillas

Grilling the chicken

Yellow monastery

Inside the yellow monastery

Front view

Lunch was over and it was time to go on. Back into our small VW T4 Bus and off to the city of Merida. It took about an hour and a half to get there and as we arrived the sun was starting to set giving us photographers the best light of the day.


The city sign

Sunset in Merida

The next morning was time for some more culture as we headed toward Uxmal. These Mayan ruins are much nicer than the ones you can find in Chichen Itza. For one you can get a lot closer and for the other there are no souvenir stands at all. Less people is another thing which made this place worth the visit.

I would call it magical.


The pyramid of Uxmal

Inside Uxmal

Uxmal pyramid from a distance

Leave me alone

Great details in Uxmal


Into the sun

More details

Up the stairs they go

More than just ruins

The flower shot

The glass sphere shot

The iguana near the pyramid

There is not more I want to say about this place. Take a look at the photographs and go and visit it. It is really worth it.

All photographs have been shot in raw with the Fujifilm X100F and then converted to Jpegs OOC with Fujifilm´s X RAW STUDIO software.

That’s all for this part. There will be a second part on the travel to Mexico with more shots from Valladolid and of course Tulum.

I hope you enjoyed this part and be sure to come back




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    wahnsinn mein guter! was für tolle bilder! und die farben…nie wieder etwas anderes als fuji! hammer!

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