Cuba with nothing but the Fujifilm X100F Part II

You might have read part I and the travel to Havanna and Viñales. If not then you will want to catch up on it as this blog post is a follow up to the first. Part I

After visiting those great destinations we moved on to Cienfuegos. This is not really a very touristy city.

Cienfuegos was more or less just a stopover before we headed further to Trinidad. From Viñales right through to Trinidad would have been too far to travel in just one day. Nonetheless it was an interesting evening with some great food.

Cienfuegos in the morning

The next morning we had a short tour through Cienfuegos to see the city in daylight. After that it was time to get back on the bus for the last trip to Trinidad.

On the way to Trinidad

The old part of Trinidad is a part of the city which is protected by the UNESCO as a world heritage and rightly so. So colorful so full of life ……. And tourists. So many tourists. Of course I was one of them as well. I saw this Asian woman with the Canon gear and had to smile. She was packed full and her what it seemed to be like husband was packed even more. He had two Canon 1D MK whatever with a huge 70-200 f/2.8 lens on the one and on the other he had a L lens 24-105 f/2.8. On his back a backpack and some gloves to help support when handling the gear. And then me next to him with nothing but the Fujifilm X100F on me! I felt free.

Heavy gear

Anyway, Trinidad was actually a very nice place. The colors at sunset where really wonderful. Plenty of street life and street photography subjects to catch.

Street life

Street market

We walked up the several stair cases of the Trinidad´s Bell Tower and had an awesome view over the city of Trinidad. I was lucky and had some great clouds in the shot which gives me a certain depth to the picture.

The ball shot

Making of

Old siren

View over Trinidad

Shadow play

View over Trinidad

View over Trinidad II

After that it was time for some lunch which we had in a small restaurant. Before we headed back to our Casa Particular we went for a drink as it was really hot on that day.

In the evening we walked back to the historical part of Trinidad and enjoyed the UNESCO world heritage at night. That was really great. Unfortunately I did not have my tripod with me so I was not able to take any stunning shots. Sorry for that. Reminder to myself. I need a really small lightweight travel tripod.

The last day we had in Cuba was in Havanna. I did take some more shots there as well.

The one thing I can say is that Cuba with nothing but the X100F was a challenge and challenging. It was fun and I did not have the impression that I missed many shots at all. Yes I did miss some where a telephoto lens would have been great or a lens with an even wider angle for some landscape shots. All in all though, I was really happy with the performance of the Fujifilm X100F. With this knowledge I would and will make the same decision on the next vacation. It might even go so far that I will sell all my other gear and just shoot with the X100F.

Coming up soon will be sort of part III as we headed over to Mexico and the Yucatan state where we had the cultural part of our two week vacation. Visiting Maya temple and learning all about the culture. More on that when I have written up the Mexico vacation blog post.

Thanks for taking your time and enjoy the shots taken with nothing but the X100F. Before I forget! Once again all photographs in this blog post have been processed using the FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO  converter which essentially will give you jpegs ooc.

Now to some additional photographs from Cienfuegos, Trinidad and the Che memorial in Santa Clara


Streets of Cienfuegos

Relaxed worker

Selling flowers

A man on the street

In Cuba all major city squares are equipped with Wifi and the Cubans love to sit there and check the mobile device.

Free Wifi

New and old


Street talk


Truck and people


Horses and carrige

Colorful Trinidad



This is Cuba

Into the Sun

Sunset selling

Trinidad streets

Sunset in Trinidad


Beautiful colors

Vintage car

Old, Old and new


Vintage car

Puddlegram II


Che Guevara

Old house




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