Back to New York with my beloved X100f

You might have read my last blogpost about my long-term experience whilst using the excellent Fujifilm X100F. One of the big benefits of only taking the small Fujifilm X100F to New York was and is the extreme portability of this camera.

My travel kit was as light at it gets. I only had the X100F, a spare battery some SD cards and the battery charger with Apple´s plug adapter with me. As stated in my long-term review, I did not miss any other focal length at any time.

Make sure to check the other two parts on our trip to New York with nothing but the X100F. Part I and Part II

Anyway, back to New York.

Day 4 started early once again. While traveling my wife and I are early birds. Need to go out and see the city as it awakes. The day started with a breakfast at a local French style patisserie. Delicious I tell you.

After enjoying the good food, it was time for our first location of the day.

We decided to go and visit Coney Island and take a walk along the beachfront. We got on the No. X line of the NY Metro and took a nice long ride out to the beach.

We arrived a good 45 minutes later and had to walk another few minutes. We could smell the ocean in the streets. Always a beautiful smell, which reminds me of my childhood. The pier was not packed at all. Quite the opposite. Actually very nice to walk along in peace and quiet. It was early afternoon by now and time for something to drink. We headed away from the pier into the “city” to get a drink of water and juice. A shop later, we took a rest on a bench and enjoyed just looking at the people passing by. I took the one or the other shot against the sun as you can see below.

Strolling on to the end of the beach sidewalk took us to a pier where some locals where fishing. Believe it or not, but they were successful.

It was slowly getting time to head back to Manhattan as my wife and I had gotten peckish by now. Time for some food. 🙂

After filling our empty stomachs, we decided to take a seat at Times Square and just look at all the other people enjoying the busy atmosphere. Wow, so many people and yet so very relaxing to just sit there and watch the busyness.

A good hour later, it was time for some night time Puddlegrams whilst walking back to the subway station. And man I got some keepers this time. See for yourselves and please let me know in the comments what you think of them.

9/11 Memorial Day

Admittedly, we did not book our trip to New York around this still very agitating moment in time. I must also admit that we decided to leave the city for the day as it was going to be very packed. The evening before we bought two bus tickets, which would take us to Woodbury´s outlet, which is about an hour’s bus drive away from Manhattan.

We had a nice peaceful shopping day with a great slice of pizza for lunch and came back with the bags packed. In the evening, we headed over to DUMBO, as the view was just so nice. Actually, we were so amazed at the amount of people there and then as the night started to draw it dawned on us. 

Tribute in light. No more words needed.

As I did not have a tripod with me, I rested the Fujifilm X100F on a stone near the waterfront, set it up and took my few pictures with this one being my best shot. This is one of my best photographs of the whole New York trip. Even then I just did not miss any other camera as it was so liberating not to be standing there with a huge back pack full of gear, a heavy tripod and what not all. 

Day 7 was our last day with the flight leaving back home in the evening. My wife and I took a walk through central park, back to Grand Central for one of my last pictures taken in New York with the ever great Fujifilm X100F.

In conclusion, I can only say that for me it was the absolute right decision to travel light with nothing but the amazing Fujifilm X100F. Would I have got better images with another camera maybe with a bigger sensor? Technically yes, emotionally? I don´t think so. I have bonded so tightly with the X100F these days. It´s just such a joy to use and the image quality is more than enough to view on screen and make prints, no better, large prints from the files.

Lastly, I want to state that all images in the New York stories are Jpegs which have or haven´t been edited in Adobe Lightroom to my liking. Yes, some are Jpegs OOC!

If you wish to know how I have edited a specific image do not hesitate to drop a line in the comments or write an Email.

Finally, if you wish to follow my work make sure to come back and check my upcoming posts and of course head over to and hit that follow button.

Thanks for your time



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  1. Another great article! I’d love to go to NYC sometime and bring my X100f. Love those cold blues and warm red/orange tones in your photos. 🙂

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