A visit to Paris

As I stated a few posts ago my wife and I went for a short visit to Paris with a befriended couple of ours.

The big question was of course the one about which gear to take.
Should I opt for the whole lot or just go for the light version. As we would be walking a lot I decided to go for the light version.

So what came with me to Paris.

First of all the absolutely amazing Fuji X100S.
Then to go a little bit wider I packed the wide conversion lens WCL-X100 and last but not least for a bit of light the small flash unit EF-X20.
Not to forget three batteries and two spare SD cards. Now I was set to go.

It was an early start as our TGV train from Stuttgart to Paris left at 6:54 in the morning. Having to leave this early was not all that easy. I hate having to get up so early.
But it´s worth it I can tell you.
The train journey was really great. At top speed the TGV was going at 315km/h. Fast, fast, fast.

After arriving at the main train station in Paris we got our three day metro card and headed to the line we needed to take us near to our hotel.
Stepping up out of the metro station and we had this typical view of Paris.

Just one problem occurred. About two minutes later it started to rain. Heavy rain. Did I have an umbrella with me? No of course not.
My wife went to the next shop and bought me a cheap little one so I would not be  completely drenched when arriving at the hotel.

As soon as we had reached the Hotel Diana, our residence for the coming nights, the rain stopped.

This was taken just outside our hotel.

We dropped of our luggage and got changed as the already booked Louvre tour was about to start soon.
This we booked from home before. A wise thing to do as we would discover later on.

Back to the Metro and we headed off to the Louvre.

Time enough to take some street shots and one of the arch in front of this gigantic museum.

Stepping inside is a sight one can not explain in words. It is a HUGE museum.

To much for some

The next picture is a self portrait.

For me it was more interesting to watch the people inside this museum than to look at the pictures itself. I know, I know. I should have taken more interest in the art.

A snap out of the window. This one was edited in Nik Silver Efex Pro.

After the tour through the Louvre museum we walked to the Pont des Arts

From this bridge it is not far to the Notre Dame any more. So that´s what we did. To top of this busy day we went to take a look inside as well.

What a long day it had been by this time. The four of us noticed that we where pretty hungry by now. What better to do than to go to a small restaurant and order a great three course meal and a bottle of wine.
A tip from me. Make sure to check for a restaurant that offers a three course meal as a menu. Mostly you should find three or four types costing between 10 and 30 euros.
This way you can really save money on food.

Anyway on the way to our evening meal I snapped some quick street shots.

After a great three course meal and two glasses of wine we felt fit for bed. It had been a long day and we headed to the hotel.

Coming up in the next post will be walk along the Champs-Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel tower.

I do hope you enjoyed this first post about our visit to Paris. If you have any questions do not hesitate to drop a line in the comments box.

Take care


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  1. Nice pics!
    Brilliant and crisp…I really adored the black and white ones.

    Seeya Thomas

  2. Love your photos. Went to Paris and used Canon A1 film with lenses 20 yrs ago. I’ve wondered how a X100s would go there now as I have the X100 and want to get the X E1 = lenses again. You’ve answered my question quite well. Love the one of the Louvre in B/W with the clouds behind it and the one of the gargoyle with view of Paris in the b’ground. (I live in Melbourne, Australia. A great city for photos too.)

  3. Hi Rob Culhane,

    Thank you so much for your nice words. The X100S is just perfect for these kind of city trips. It is light, easy to use and the image quality is just stunning. Do be sure to come back soon as I will be showing some great shots from Dubai taken with the X-E1, the 18-55 and the Walimex 8mm fisheye lens. Of course there will be some X100S shots as well.

    Thanks again.


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