A tour to Merano with the RX100IV

First of all I really have to apologize to all you readers of my blog that I have not been writing much over the last few weeks. My day job has been taking up so much time that I have not been photographing much nor had I the time to write on this platform.

Lately my wife and I have been to Merano and London and write now I am on a business trip to Spain where I have some time to spare at the weekend to write some blogposts for all of you.

A warm summer morning, five cars and one camera on the way to Italy!

I don´t want to write too much on this post as there is not much to say. Take a look at the pictures I took on a five day trip through South Tirol and the Dolomites. As my ride is pretty small, I have a Mazda MX5 with a pretty limited luggage compartment. As the trip was more driving and less photography I decided just to take the small Sony RX100IV with me.

It did an amazing job in capturing the moments. I shot everything in RAW and edited the shots to my liking in Lightroom CC.

The small diminutive Sony RX100M4 is an astonishing camera. So small with such an amazing image quality.

Take a look at the shots and decide for yourselves.

Coming up soon will be a short story about the trip to London and the business trip through France and Spain as well as an update to why I do not use the Pen-F anymore but have switched to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and also the small diminutive RX100IV which captured all the photographs in this post.

Thanks once again for your understanding



South Tirol on day one

A little cloudy

Close stone

The stone and the hut

The flower shot

The flower shot II

Clouds an mountains

Clouds an mountains II


A mountain lake

A small wooden hut

Beautiful view

The lake with the moutains behind

The path

Stevio pass


Merano II


Dolomites II

Dolomites III

Dolomites IV


Karersee II

Fast car

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