Stockografie, the X100T and Marrakesh Part 2

Share Preliminary This is part II of a two part blogpost on a visit to Marrakesh. If you have not read Part I please do so. All photographs where taken with the Fujifilm X100T. Some of them are Jpegs OOC and some of them are edited raw files using Lightroom … Continue reading

My personal review on the Zeiss Loxia 2/35 and 2/50 on the Sony A7

Share First of all I want to thank Zeiss Germany for giving me the chance to review these two wonderful lenses. I am not paid by Zeiss in any way and the words you read are my personal findings. I am not employed by Zeiss either. My second disclaimer is … Continue reading

Using a polarizing filter on the Fuji X100T

Share Just this morning I was taking a look into my cupboard with all my camera gear. I found some things in there that I had completely forgotten about. Things like old lens shades out of rubber, flash triggers, color filters in red, blue, yellow, orange and so on. One … Continue reading

Ab zur Photokina

Share Dieses Jahr war es wieder so weit. In Köln wurden die Pforten zur Photokina für die Besucher geöffnet. Auch ich war mit von der Partie. Grund hierfür war die Teilnahme am „Zeiss for Photokina“ Wettbewerb an dem ich mit diesem Bild teilgenommen habe. Mein eingereichtes Bild war unter den … Continue reading