GAS, or how I got over it with the help of Fuji X

A lot of us enthusiast photographers know the problem of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrom). There is a new camera which hits the market and you read raving reviews about it. Ok, one great review is ok but you are hooked and read another one, and another on. You absorb every … Continue reading

Using a polarizing filter on the Fuji X100T

Just this morning I was taking a look into my cupboard with all my camera gear. I found some things in there that I had completely forgotten about. Things like old lens shades out of rubber, flash triggers, color filters in red, blue, yellow, orange and so on. One of … Continue reading

Zeiss Touit 1.8/32mm Planar

Ein kleines Vorwort Lange habe ich überlegt ob ich mein doch sehr geliebtes Fujifilm XF35 1.4 gegen das Zeiss 1.8/32 tauschen soll. Das Fuji Objektiv ist ja an sich schon eine absolute Sahnelinse. Mit einer großen Anfangsblende, der Blendenverstellung am Objektiv (wie bei den Fuji Objektiven ja üblich) und nicht … Continue reading

Das Zeiss Touit 50mm Makro Planar

My dear english readers. Please follow the link below to read a translated version. It is not free of mistakes as I used google tranlator to do the work but I am sure you will get what I am talking about. If in any case you should have a question … Continue reading